Looking for a Christmas movie to watch during the holidays? Here are 16 of the best classics worth watching right now.

16 Classic Christmas Movies To Watch

From classics and romantic comedies to action and adventures, Christmas is all around. Throughout the history of cinema, we have enjoyed countless films of this unapologetic genre. To help you choose the best ones and get in the Christmas spirit, we have prepared this list of 16 timeless classic Christmas movies for you to enjoy come the holidays. Let this December be one you remember!

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Elf (2003, IMDb: 7.0)

This Christmas classic is a favorite among many. Will Ferrell stars as Buddy, an oversized elf that travels from the North Pole to New York City to meet his biological father. There, he experiences a world far from the one he knows. If you are looking for some heartwarming Christmas spirits, Elf will definitely do the trick.


The Polar Express (2004, IMDb: 6.6)

The Polar Express is a magical classic with stunning visuals and great Christmas vibes. The story revolves around Billy, a young boy who embarks on a journey of self-discovery onboard the Polar Express headed to the North Pole and Santa Claus’ home on Christmas Eve. If you are looking for a great adventure, this Christmas tale will provide just that.


Bad Santa (2003, IMDb: 7.1)

Bad Santa is above all a cynic's perspective of Christmas, where a miserable conman poses as Santa to rob department stores on Christmas Eve. Although not the typical holiday special, this reversed version of the genre is a problematic but brilliant classic you can enjoy with friends and family.


The Holiday (2006, IMDb: 6.9)

Love and friendship intertwine in this all-time favorite Christmas film. At first, two women swap homes in time for the Christmas holidays after both go through bad breakups with their boyfriends. But don’t worry, romance is on the way. Sweet and touching, The Holiday is in short the ultimate self-care flick great for a cozy movie night under a warm blanket.

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Home Alone (1990, IMDb: 7.7)

Home Alone is probably on everyone's list of favorite Christmas movies. And for good reason. This classic follows an eight-year-old troublemaker who must protect his house from a pair of burglars when he is accidentally left home alone during Christmas. You’ve most likely seen this epic Christmas movie a million times, but to get into the spirit of Christmas again, Home Alone is an obvious choice.


Home Alone 2 (1992, IMDb: 6.8)

You know we had to also include the second Home Alone because you can’t have one without the other. One year after Kevin McCallister was left home alone, he then accidentally finds himself stranded in New York City, where the same criminals are lurking about. Watch the first one, and then the second one for a perfect Christmas movie marathon.


The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993, IMDb: 7.3)

This animated musical is probably Tim Burton’s best holiday film. Jack Skellington, king of Halloween Town, discovers Christmas Town, but his attempts to bring Christmas to his home cause confusion. With wonderful gothic backgrounds and detailed coloring, this is in short a definite Christmas classic worth watching time and time again.


A Christmas Carol (2009 IMDb: 6.8)

This is one of our favorite Christmas movies on this list. When Ebenezer Scrooge is awakened on Christmas Eve, he knows he is in for a terrible day. As a bitter and mean old man, Scrooge wants nothing to do with Christmas. But as we know, there is something special and wonderful about Christmas, and maybe those magical powers can even put on smile on Scrooge’s face. Starring Jim Carrey, this animated Christmas classic is a must-watch.


Die Hard (1988, IMDb: 8.2)

Christmas movies come in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a bit more action,  Die Hard could prove to be a worthy contender.  An NYPD officer tries to save his wife who has been taken hostage by German terrorists during a Christmas party. In short, an enjoyable and entertaining storyline with top-notch performances. Let this Christmas be action-packed and exciting, in the best way possible.


Miracle On 34th Street (1994, IMDb: 6.6)

This remake of the classic by the same name brings a bit more of the cheesy 90s that provides nostalgic feelings. Miracle on 34th street tells the story of a little girl and a lawyer who set out to prove that a man claiming to be Sant Claus is indeed the real thing. In short, it is a tale of fantasy with room for hopes and dreams perfect to watch with your kids.


Love Actually (2003, IMDb: 7.6)

Is it even Christmas without watching this classic at least once? Probably not, which is why we need to watch it again. Love Actually follows the lives of eight unique characters dealing with different kinds of love during a frantic month before Christmas. Funny and full of warmth, this is above all a great film to watch in preparation for Christmas.

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It's A Wonderful Life (1946, IMDb: 8.6)

If you haven’t watched it already, this film will surely become a Christmas tradition in your family. It is the story of an angel that is sent from Heaven to help a desperately frustrated businessman by showing him what life would have been like if he had never existed. A Frank Capra masterpiece nominated for five Oscars back in the day, this movie shows how courage and sacrifice can bring off a greater good. To sum up, this timeless Christmas classic is definitely a must-see.

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Scrooged (1988, IMDb: 6.9)

If you are a big fan of Bill Murray you must see this black comedy where he portrays a selfish, cynical television executive who is haunted by three spirits bearing lessons on Christmas Eve. This is a great modern take on a classic story that will leave you longing for Christmas. Put a little love in your heart and enjoy this Dickens's classic makeover.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005, IMDb: 6.7)

Oompa Loompas and Wonka bars for Christmas? That sounds about right! In this Tim Burton adaptation of the classic Ronald Dahls’ book, a young boy wins a tour through the most magnificent chocolate factory in the world. Jonny Depp shines as the colorful and wicked Willy Wonka. Gather your family around a pile of chocolate and enjoy this adventure in the spirit of Christmas.


Lethal Weapon (1987, IMDb: 7.6)

Made before action movies were packed with CGI, this film pictures realistic explosions and shootouts. Lethal Weapon fittingly takes place during Christmas and follows two newly paired cops who are complete opposites. Not your typical holiday movie, but definitely worth giving a try this Christmas.


The Christmas Chronicles (2018, IMDb: 7.0)

If you are looking for a feel-good seasonal movie, The Christmas Chronicles is the one for you. Sister and brother, Kate and Teddy Pierce plan at first to catch Santa Claus on camera. Christmas Eve turns then into an unexpected journey in this funny and heartwarming tale. Summing up, we recommend you watch this modern classic if you want to reconnect with your inner child!