The pandemic has set it's mark in many ways. How do we bring back movies as a social event? We'll give you a hint, or five.

5 Tips To Make Movies A Social Event Again

In only two decades streaming services have dramatically changed viewership habits and redefined what we once considered to be a social event - going to the cinema to watch a movie. It was entertaining. It was an event. But most importantly, it was something you couldn’t experience at home. Today, however, the tables have turned. From the comfort of our homes, we have access to thousands of movies through streaming services and we tend to watch alone rather than with someone. In that, we’re also prone to adapt a “passive role” while streaming. Down below we have listed five tips to make your movie night exciting again and something to look forward to.

1. Bring out the snacks

The best part of going to the cinema is arguably the snacks. Take your partner, grandmother or dog to the store and treat yourselves. A thrilling movie combined with amazing snacks will take your movie experience to the next level. Why not challenge each other to buy snacks for the other person? Have fun and bring out the snacks! 

2. Pick a certain day

When buying a ticket for the cinema, you devote a special time to go and watch a movie. It becomes a happening. Something to look forward to. By picking a certain day and time to watch a movie at home, we can simulate the feeling of “going to an event.” It’s the perfect way to forget everything else and create our own happening. In other words, we bring the full experience of going to the cinema to our homes. 

3. Invite family and friends 

Somewhere along the way, we lost the social aspect of watching movies when we started streaming rather than going to the cinema. Invite family and friends over for a movie night and share the experience with your loved ones. You could all bring your favorite snacks and drinks, dress up as characters or simply spend valuable time together while watching a movie. Or two. 

4. No distractions

It’s easy to get distracted by calls or texts when streaming movies from home. A simple way to eliminate distractions is to put your phone on silent (like we do in the cinema) and try to forget everything else and enjoy the movie. We all deserve a break from the real world sometimes and movies offer a chance to do just that.

5. Change environment  

We know it can be very comfortable to watch a movie at home but in the spirit of making movies more eventful, why not get creative and watch a movie somewhere else? Take your date on a picnic and combine it with movie night. Or create your own “drive-in cinema” by driving to your favorite spot and setting up a computer or tablet with a movie on. Streaming somewhere else than at home is both eventful and super cozy, let’s make it a thing this summer!