Finding what to watch on streaming is a daunting task when watching with others. In this article, we break down everything you need to know to find movies and TV-shows to watch no matter your situation. Watching alone, with your partner or friends? Here's how to find streaming recommendations tailored to everyone's tastes.

Co-Watching Movies: Navigating the Challenge of What to Watch for Everyone

In today's world, where streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime are household staples, the concept of co-watching – watching movies or TV shows with partners, family, or friends – has gained significant popularity. However, finding a movie that suits everyone's taste can often be a challenging task. Here’s a simple solution to the problem! 

The Rise of Co-Watching and Its Challenge

A study by The Diffusion Group reveals that during the pandemic, one in seven adult SVoD users co-watched a TV show or movie with friends or family via an online watch party. This trend wasn't limited to pandemic times; a report from Hub Entertainment Research shows that in 2021, 23% of viewers used a co-viewing app, indicating a sustained interest in social watching.

Despite the rise in co-watching, deciding on what to watch can be a significant source of conflict. A survey conducted by found that about 33% of people have had real arguments over what to watch on Netflix, especially among younger people and married couples. This situation can be humorously termed as "Netflix negotiation" - the modern-day challenge of picking a show or movie that pleases all parties involved.

The same survey revealed that 7% of people ended relationships over their partner's Netflix preferences, and more than half admitted to "Netflix cheating" – watching a show ahead without their partner. Younger viewers, particularly those aged 16-34, are more likely to engage in co-watching compared to older demographics, which is pretty interesting.

Solutions and Tips

So, what’s the solution to this evolving problem? You’ve just found it! We’ve created an app that allows you and your co-watcher to combine your tastes and get streaming recommendations both will love and enjoy.

In the Hint app, you’ll be able to reduce time spent on deciding what to watch during your movie night by simply asking our chatbot advisor for a recommendation. How cool is that? This will not only make the selection process easier, but it will also broaden your cinematic horizons and introduce you to new content you otherwise wouldn’t give a second look. And of course, we’ve tailored every recommendation to fit your and your co-watchers mood and situation. 

Make sure to download our streaming discovery app and stay tuned for the co-watching feature. Co-watching is just one of the many problems with streaming you’ll solve using our app. Hyper personalized streaming recommendations on your platforms are waiting for you!

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