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how the app works

Start by downloading and installing the app via Apple's App Store or Google Play. After that you log in with your preferred option and complete the onboarding. Once you have passed through the onboarding process you can go ahead and start talking to the HintGPT chatbot or find your next thing to watch on the Home grid. If you are having trouble please reach out to: hey@hint.media

Your saved movies and tv-shows

When you see something you think looks interesting and want to save it for later you can do that using the Bookmark symbol. The saved item can then be viewed in your Watchlist. Once you have seen it you can press the Eye symbol to confirm that you have watched it and it will move over to the section Seen It.

communicate with hintgpt

The easiest way to find a movie is to communicate with our custom made HintGPT chatbot. It knows what streaming platforms you subscribe to as well as what movies you enjoy watching and will suggest things based on that from our library of 150,000 titles. Simply start by either writing a question of your own or use one of the pre-set options to get started. Once you receive an option, click the poster to read more and from there you can click play and be linked to where the title is available.

your profile

Under your profile you can adjust the settings, report a bug, access our privacy policy, terms and conditions, change password or email.

privacy and security information

The categories of personal information we collect depend on how you interact with us, our Services. We collect information that you provide to us, information we obtain automatically when you use our Services, and information from other sources such as third-party services and organizations. Find the full Privacy Policy here.

more questions, reach out here!

If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at: hey@hint.media

feature requests, reach out here!

We love to hear feature requests from our users, send us a note and let us know at: hey@hint.media

technical requirements

To use our service, you need to download the Hint app. The app is available on Smart phone (Android or Apple). Minimum requirement: Android 5 or iOS 12.

If you're experiencing issues when downloading the app, the operating system of your device might not meet the minimum requirements. Please check to see if there are any available updates for your device and, if you were able to perform an update, try to download the app again.

What is Hint?

Hint is a Streaming Discovery Service that will let you not only find great movies and shows to watch but also discover and learn more about your own taste in order to help yourself make an educated decision when it’s time to press play.

Is Hint free?

You can access HintGPT with a limited free plan in order to explore the app. To access the coming premium features you simply subscribe to premium in the app.

How do Hint generate recommendations? 

Hint uses a combination of machine learning, smart technology, and editors that knows their way around streaming entertainment. We are real people with real opinions that will help guide you through the jungle of streaming platforms. 

Where is Hint available? 

Hint is currently only available in Sweden but will soon be available in other countries as well. Sign up to stay updated.

I need assistance with my account, how do I contact Hint? 

Our support team is here to help! Please email hey@hint.media for account related assistance.