We are happy to introduce our new and pretty awesome “Perfect For” categories. It’s a new way of discovering content you will love, organized in an inspiring way.

Perfect For: The Hint Categories

Two major factors when deciding what to watch is the mood and the situation we are in. These can be hard to recognize or even start to acknowledge while scrolling through the library on various streaming platforms. Usually, the first step of finding a good movie that matches both your mood and situation is to start digesting the “normal” genres that streaming platforms categorized their movies after - drama, romance, action or comedy to name a few. We feel that these are not sufficient anymore, so we would like to introduce “Perfect For”.

You'll find all the categories under "Perfect For" in the menu.

The problem with basic genres is that they are too shallow, and don’t account for specific situations and moods that prove to be essential in our decision-making when picking a movie to watch. It is up to you to pair all the different aspects of mood and situation with a fitting genre. Which is much harder than it sounds like. The whole process is both slow and awkwardly painful.

From now on you can avoid situations like this with our new Perfect For Movie With Parents category.

“Perfect For” is our way of combining genres with moods and situations, so that you don’t have to. The aim is to make it easier for you to find movie recommendations that instantly feel like a good match to whatever you want to watch. In other words, something that is perfect for your mood and situation.

Even before reading, you'll know what to expect from our articles.

Our “Perfect For” categories contain various articles and topics that correspond with different moods and situations. Are you watching something with your parents? Or are you preparing for a date night with your significant other? Instead of trying to figure out which genre is the best for different situations, you can find content already tailored to any plans you have for movie night under our Perfect For categories. Our articles are tagged with perfect for categories that we think match a certain mood or situation, which you can find at the bottom of each article preview. Great, right? 

And guess what, we are working day and night to personalize this experience in our app so that you can explore and discover options that are 100% a good match with your taste, mood and situation. If you want to be one of our first testers, feel free to sign up here

Psst…we’d love to hear your feedback. Maybe you are missing a category that you think we should add, or you just want to tell us about your favorite movie. Slip into our DM’s! 

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