Here are the best female lead movies to watch! Take inspiration and an extra kick of motivation from these movies and their female protagonists guiding us down different paths of emotions.

Best Female Lead Movies To Watch

In this article, we take a look at the best female lead movies to watch right now. You’ll find everything from inspirational and motivational stories set in the 1960s and 18th-century, to families surviving in a post-apocalyptic world and mothers doing their best to provide for their children. These movies will not only prove their worth thanks to wonderful performances by their female protagonists, but also provide emotional rollercoasters in different ways. In other words, a great list of the best female lead movies to watch!

Hidden Figures (2016, IMDb M: 7.7 F: 8.2)

If you are looking for an inspirational and educational movie based on true events, then Hidden Figures is a true hidden treasure worth watching. During the early years of the U.S. space program in the 1960s, three African-American mathematicians played a vital role within NASA and the ongoing space race. This movie highlights forgotten heroines and strong female characters that shaped the course of history. Hidden Figures is one of the best female lead movies to watch right now.


The Favourite (2018, IMDb M: 7.5 F: 7.4)

The Favourite is one of a handful of movies led by women that struck gold at the Academy Awards. Olivia Colman, who won the Oscar for best actress in a lead role with this movie, shines as Queen Anne in this biographical comedy-drama set in 18th-century England. When a new servant arrives, a friendship forms between the servant and the Queen’s close friend Lady Sarah, eventually shaking up the status quo. Charming and at times a little absurd, The Favourite proves to be a great movie to watch with interesting female characters.


Wild (2014, IMDb M: 7.1 F: 7.4)

Motivational, endearing and immensely moving, Wild is another great movie led by none other than Reece Witherspoon. After losing her mother and her marriage, Cheryl Strayed decides to do something she's never done before. Driven by sheer determination, she sets off on a journey into the wild alone. Hiking more than a thousand miles across the Pacific Crest Trail, she has to overcome all odds and the terrifying but beautiful power of nature. If you are in need of some motivation to push yourself a little further, this movie will provide just that.


Room (2016, IMDb M: 8.0 F: 8.3)

This movie is one of our favorites on this list. With phenomenal acting by Brie Larson, this tense but compelling story follows a mother and her son held captive for 7 years in an enclosed room. Like any good mother, she strives to form a normal life for her son, playing games and telling stories, everything to keep their imagination occupied from the reality they are trapped in. This movie reminds us of the most powerful and greatest women we know - our mothers. Which is one reason this movie makes the list of the best female lead movies to watch.


A Quiet Place (2018, IMDb M: 7.4 F: 7.6)

Starring one of Hollywood’s favorite husband-and-wife team Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, A Quiet Place proves yet again the incredible talent Emily Blunt has. The story is set in post-apocalyptic worlds where a family has to live and survive in complete silence. Any sound would lure bloodthirsty monsters with ultra-sensitive hearing. Incredibly suspenseful, this movie is more of an edge-of-your-seat thriller rather than a horror flick. A great movie to watch with an equally great performance by Emily Blunt.  


Promising Young Woman (2020, IMDb M: 7.4 F: 7.9)

This movie is a dark-comedy that forces you to reflect on a sinister topic affecting a lot of women daily. Carey Mulligan stars as the promising young woman, Cassandra, who seeks vengeance against those who cross her path after a tragic event in her past. At times slower paced, but still engaging and powerful, this revenge thriller highlights a complicated social issue with an interesting plot twist. Thanks to a great performance by the female lead, this movie is definitely a must-watch.


The Farewell (2019, IMDb M: 7.5 F: 7.6)

Directed and written by Lulu Wang, The Farewell stars the popular Awkwafina as a Chinese family discovers their grandmother diagnosed with terminal cancer only has a short while left to live. Awkwafina plays Billi who struggles with the family’s decision to keep their grandmother in the dark about her illness. They plan to stage a wedding before she dies to gather the family one last time. Tragically beautiful, this story portrays a family coping with love and pain, and gives us a gentle reminder to spend time with our loved ones while we can. In short, a great movie to watch led by a female protagonist.


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