In this article, we list the 2023 Critics Choice Award nominees for The Best Drama Series. Find a critically acclaimed TV show available to watch right now with this list.

Critics Choice Awards 2023 - The Best Drama Series

The Critics Choice Awards is one of many esteemed awards shows that honor the best of cinema and television from the previous year. It is said that receiving a Critics Choice Awards indicates potential success at the prestigious Academy Awards held later in March. So, this is not “just another” award show. In this article, we have listed the TV shows nominated for “The Best Drama Series”' of 2022 and the show that eventually took home the award. And the Critics Choice Awards for Best Drama Series goes to… 

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★Winner: Better Call Saul (2015-2022, IMDb: 8.9)★ 

It’s not often that critics or fans dub a spin-off series as equally good or even better than the original, especially when it’s based on one of the best TV shows ever made. Breaking Bad was in a league of its own. No one thought a spin-off following the tacky and clown-ish criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill introduced in Breaking Bad would be a success. But here we are, Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill in Better Call Saul won the Critics Choice Awards 2023 for the best drama series. The story follows McGill during his years leading up to the events taking place in Breaking Bad with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. In short, a worthy winner and an excellent TV show.


Andor (2022-, IMDb: 8.4) 

The success of Andor proves that Disney is doing something right when it comes to TV shows based on Star Wars. Diego Luna played Cassian in Rogue One (2018), a stand-alone Star Wars movie many fans regard as the best ever made. In this critically acclaimed TV show, Cassian returns but this time as the protagonist embarking on a path that is destined to turn him into a rebel hero. Andor is filled with tension and mystery (and lightsabers of course) which may be one of the many reasons lifelong Star Wars fans fell in love with this TV show. This is indeed one of the best drama TV shows of 2022.


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Bad Sisters (2022-, IMDb: 8.3)  

If you haven’t already gotten around to watch Bad Sisters, we highly recommend you do. This drama series combines in-your-face and borderline offensive comedy in a way which is both thrilling and entertaining. The plot is fairly simple. The Garvey sisters reunite following the death of their parents and promise to always protect each other. Bad Sisters is original and truly one of the best TV shows from the past year. No wonder it was nominated at the Critics Choice Awards. If you are looking for a real gem, this is the one.

Apple TV+

The Crown (2016-2023, IMDb: 8.7)

The fifth season of The Crown was the first season to be released after the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. With the sixth and final season set to premiere later this year, The Crown is not only one of the greatest TV shows of the last few years, but also serves as a way to remember the longest reigning monarch in history. The show tackles the political rivalries and the events of Queen Elizabth’s reign that helped shape the second half of the twentieth century. This show is outstanding. Read more about The Crown by clicking the link below.


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Euphoria (2019-, IMDb: 8.4) 

Euphoria offers an almost creepy and disturbing take on the life of high school students. Centered around issues of drugs, sex and violence, the story follows Zendaya as Rue Bennett. Although not super relatable or realistic, the cinematography and acting is fantastic. Which is probably why the latest season saw Euphoria earn a nomination at the Critics Choice Awards. Zendaya really shines as Rue in this intriguing and slightly tense teen-drama. Definitely a TV show worth watching if you haven’t seen it just yet!


The Good Fight (2017-2022, IMDb: 8.3) 

This hidden gem might be the surprise of the year. The Good Fight stars Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart when her life savings are lost and she is forced to start from scratch at a new law firm. This show is an “edge-of-your-seat” kinda entertainment and one that you don’t want to miss. If you don’t like dramas, you should watch this show. It will definitely spark an interest and open up a whole different world of TV shows for you. In other words, a political-drama worth taking a look at.


House Of The Dragon (2022-, IMDb: 8.5) 

Since Game Of Thrones ended in a rather…controversial way, hardcore GoT fans were doubtful when the prequel series House Of The Dragon was released this past fall. Those feelings were quickly put to rest. House Of The Dragon brought us right back into the harsh and unforgiving game for the Iron Throne. The story follows the rise and fall of one of Westeros most powerful families, house Targaryen. Simultaneously, HBO went head-to-head against Amazon Prime and their prequel series to the Lord Of The Rings. Read more about ‘Dragon’ and the streaming war between HBO and Amazon below.

HBO Max 

The Ultimate Streaming Battle - HBO vs Amazon Prime

Severance (2022-, IMDb: 8.7)  

The nominations for Severance and Bad Sisters proves that Apple TV+ had a wonderful year when it comes to TV shows. Severance follows Mark, a guy who leads a team of office workers whose memories have been surgically divided between their work and personal lives. The co-workers' journey to discover the truth about their jobs makes this sci-fi thriller addicting and one you could binge-watch with ease. Severance is one of our favorite TV shows released in 2022. 

Apple TV+

Yellowstone (2018-, IMDb: 8.7)  

What’s better than an intriguing and entertaining western-drama? Yellowstone will reel you in from the first episode, which is probably why it earned a deserved nomination at the Critics Choice Awards. The plot centers around the Dutton family who controls the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. Land developers, Indian reservations and National Parks all want a piece of the cake, which forces the Dutton family to fight for their lands. If you like cowboy hats and drama, Yellowstone is a must-watch.


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