Netflix’s latest TV show ‘Kaleidoscope’ contains eight episodes that you can watch in any order. In this article, we tell you how to watch it and what to expect.

How To Watch Netflix Kaleidoscope - A Show You Can Watch In Any Order

We welcome a new year with a spanking new TV show from Netflix called ‘Kaleidoscope.’ Kaleidoscope, which basically means “a constantly changing pattern or sequence of elements”, is a fitting title for the show as you can watch the eight episodes in any order. Each episode is turn titled with a specific color, and depending on which order you chose to watch them, the story will be different. Just as a kaleidoscope toy. The patterns and colors are never the same. In fact, there are around 5.000 ways you could watch Kaleidoscope. In this article, we break down the story, take a look at the trailer and tell you how to watch it. 

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The Netflix Dilemma  

Netflix has a tendency to splash a lot of cash on big productions with impressive casts and exciting stories but ultimately fails to live up to the expectations. We have seen it time and time again. Last year we saw the $200-million production of The Gray Man starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Ana De Armas ‘honor’ the Netflix dilemma. Hollywood A-list celebrities brought together in an outrageous and frankly boring action movie. No, thank you. To put it in other words, many have learned from past experiences and seem to instead lower once expectations when Netflix announces a new original TV show or movie. So, where does that leave us with Kaleidoscope? 

The Plot 

We have yet another immense production birthed from an exciting and complex script starring a few big names. Sounds frighteningly familiar, right? The creator of Kaleidoscope, Eric Garcia, said that the idea for the show came from a real-life mystery where $70 billion dollars in bonds went missing in downtown Manhattan following Hurricane Sandy. Some say the vault flooded, Eric Garcia says…well, you’ll see that in the show. 

The plot centers around Leo Pap, played by Giancarlo Esposito, who gatherers a group of misfit characters to attempt the largest heist ever. Spanning over 24 years, the story is layered with betrayals, revenge, and schemes - as you’d expect from a heist-crime action-drama. Although the plot is fairly easy to grasp, the concept of a non-linear viewing experience is where the real money is. 

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Here’s to 2023!

Kaleidoscope’s Netflix cousin “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” was the first original that pushed the boundaries for interactive viewing experiences. Bandersnatch allowed the viewer to influence the outcome of the story by controlling what the main character would do at certain points in the plot. It could be as simple as “go into the room” or “leave the house”. Every decision formed a different narrative. In similar ways, Kaleidoscope offers multiple narratives for the viewer to explore.

What More Can You Expect? 

Albeit an interesting concept, Kaleidoscope seems to be another Netflix original with a predictable story. Yes, there are a few thousand ways to watch it, but the story still ends the same way. As with any revenge-inspired bank heist drama (such as the Ocean’s trilogy), it needs that extra element of something to keep the audience on their toes and make the plot line exciting. Take away the non-linear-watch-in-any-order-you-want side of things, and you are left with a pretty mediocre story. In other words, the USP of a non-linear plot isn’t enough to make Kaleidoscope top tier. 

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That would be even cooler.

How To Watch Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope will most likely divide the audience into two groups, those who watch it in chronological order and those who watch it sporadically. Whatever way you choose to watch this thriller, make sure to save the eighth episode “White” to last - it will make the most sense. Other than that, feel free to experiment with the different episodes and watch them in any order you like. 

But if you want to watch Kaleidoscope chronologically, watch the episodes in this order: episodes 4, 2, 5, 1, 3, 6, 7, and 8.

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That may be the case indeed.

We are not ashamed to admit that we are avid “bingers”, and you have most likely been there yourself. It’s hard to stop watching your favorite TV series when streaming platforms automatically play the next episode within a few seconds of the last one ending. “Just one more” easily becomes three, four, five episodes, or even an entire season. Why do we do it? Is it a waste of time? The phenomenon of binge-watching is fascinating, and in this article, we take a closer look at what it actually means.

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