Jonathan Majors has been turning heads for his incredible transformation as Dame “Diamond” in Michael B Jordan’s Creed 3. Now, the acclaimed actor is the main name in the game, and for him, the sky's the limit.

Jonathan Majors Takes The Throne

What truly makes Majors transformation unique, however, is that his acting capabilities are just as impressive as his athletic portrayal of Creed’s new antagonist. Majors is just beginning his stardom career, but let us not forget that he has actually been in a handful of other fantastic tv series and movies that are available on streaming platforms where his performances shine on a consistent basis.

Jonathan Majors as Damian Anderson (aka Diamond) in Creed 3
Jonathan Majors as Damian Anderson (aka Diamond) in Creed 3

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Hostiles (2017, IMDb: 7.2)

Director and writer Scott Cooper and Christian Bale are a duo who have worked on three films together. Cooper is known for creating low to mid range budget independent films that end up getting a lot of attention in film festivals, especially with a big name like Christian Bale attached to his projects. Nonetheless, Hostiles has a memorable scene that in a way gives Jonathan Majors credit for adding more depth to Cooper’s western piece. In addition, this is Majors’ first movie to his name where his professional identity as an actor really started to be seen on the map. The “Never let you down” scene shows Henry Corp. Henry Woodson (Jonathan Majors) laying down on a hospital bed and offering a sincere apology and goodbye to his captain Capt. Joseph J. Blocker. It doesn’t happen that often where Christian Bale’s characters begin to cry, but in this case, Jonathan Major’s emotional vulnerability is deeply felt even through the tough exterior of Capt. Joseph Blocker.

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The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019, IMDb: 7.3)

Jonathan Major’s first critically acclaimed role follows his portrayal of Montgomery Allen, Jimmie Fail’s good friend who helps him rebuild Jimmie’s grandfather’s house. In a city that is becoming increasingly engulfed with gentrification, the rejuvenation of the house tests Montgomery’s and Jimmie’s friendship as the two clash with each other’s view on the present and the past. Jonathan Majors brings a side to Montgomery that explores how us humans adapt to our ever changing environment in a place we call home, and he also reflex the significance of having a sense of belonging. 

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Da 5 Bloods (2019, IMDb: 6.5)

Filmmaker Spike Lee and actor Chadwick Boseman are clearly some legendary names in the movie industry, and Jonathan Majors became next in line as he plays David, Paul’s (Delroy Lingo) estranged son and schoolteacher who hopes to reconcile with his father. The film follows four African American vets of the Vietnam War, who return to Vietnam in search of their squadron leader’s remains along with a fortune of gold. This role for Jonathan Majors is one of the –if not the most– substantial stepping stones in Major’s career, and now, it is confirmed that Spike Lee and Jonathan Majors are collaborating on a new project called Da Understudy.


Lovecraft Country (2020, IMDb: 7.1)

Jonathan Major’s protagonist named Atticus Freeman wasn’t just his first HBO Max leading man role. It led the talented actor to his first Primetime Emmy Award Nomination. Based on the novel written by Matt Ruff, the series follows Atticus Freeman, a vet of the Korean War who–with the support of Letitia and his Uncle George, embarks on journey against the dangers of America’s racism during the 1950’s Jim Crow era depicted through monsters and other supernatural forces. 


Loki (2021, IMDb: 8.2)

He Who Remains, also known as Nathaniel Richards or “Kang” is the Supervillain MCU’s Loki. The name says it all, in which He Who Remains, literally remains alive as he is able to coexist in multiple universes. In Loki’s case, the adversary is a scientist who has turned into a variant of Kang the Conquerer and is behind the Time Variance Authority. With Loki being one of Disney’s favorite “bad guys”, Jonathan Majors brings in an even more menacing interpretation of antagonistic abilities. This series is a must-watch for pure action, amazing visuals, and one of Jonathan Major’s first appearances in the MCU.


The Harder They Fall (2021, IMDb: 6.6)

This time around in his second Western Film, Jonathan Majors gets to have a little more gun-slinging action as Nat Love. Outlaw Nat Love (Jonathan Majors) finds out that his enemy Rufus Buck (Idris Elba) has been released from prison. He seeks revenge by rounding up his gang to track down Rufus and will succeed at all costs. This vengeance story is not just your typical cowboy film, for Jonathan Majors, Idris Elba and Regina King together bring a stunning and entertaining performance, making this film worth the watch!  


Devotion (2022; IMDb, 6.6)

Based on the bestselling book of the same name, and also based on a true story, Devotion is an epic war film that follows two US Navy pilots during the Korean War. Jesse Brown (Jonathan Majors) and Tom Hudner (Glen Powell) were the two pilots who are celebrated as the most heroic wingmen who played crucial roles in changing the course of the Korean War. Majors does an impeccable job playing a war hero who was not only one of the best pilots in his squadron, but was also the first African American aviator in Navy History.

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Jonathan Majors Incredible Acting as the "Bad Boy"

Here is a scene from Creed 3 that shows Jonathan Major’s impressively captivating acting chops. His sense of menace and vulnerability is felt throughout the confrontation his character, Dame, has with Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan).

Jonathan Major's Collection of Roles

For those who want more specific illustrations of Jonathan Major’s performances since 2017, here is the perfect video that shows each one of his projects in chronological order. Enjoy!

Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantamania
Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantamania

Now that you have a collage of Jonathan Major’s performances since 2017, stay tuned for what’s to come; he is just getting started! The A List actor can be seen in Creed 3 (now in theaters) portraying Damian “Diamond” Anderson, the new adversary of Michael B Jordan’s Adonis. Majors can also be seen portraying the antagonist known as Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantamania, which is also now in theaters. In addition, expect to see an unbelievable physical transformation as a body builder in Elijah Bynum’s upcoming film titled Magazine Dreams (2023). He is already confirmed to participate in Avengers: Kang Dynasty, Avengers: Secret Wars (2026), Spike Lee’s Da Understudy, Nadia Latif’s The Man In My Basement, and last but not least, the rumored 48 Hours In Vegas where he would portray the controversial NBA Star Dennis Rodman. So, there you have it…the era of Jonathan Majors!

Jonathan Majors standing on the beach as Damian Anderson in Creed 3
Jonathan Majors standing on the beach as Damian Anderson in Creed 3

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