Happy Halloween! Looking for a scary movie to get your heart racing? We got you. Find the true spirit of horror movies right here.

Movies To Watch During Halloween

The magical horrors of Halloween are lurking in the shadows as the 31st of October gets closer and closer. All we can do now is to put on our best costumes, fill our bowls with candies and hollow out a few pumpkins to ward off any ghosts trying to ruin the celebrations. When you’ve done that, try your hardest to relax with a horror movie from our list below. Lock your doors and close any windows, this is going to be scary. Really scary.

Werewolf By Night (2022, IMDb M: 7.2 F: 7.5) 

This black-and-white TV-special is a Halloween story fresh off the press from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On a dark and somber night, a secret group of monster hunters emerge from the darkness to fight evil following the death of their leader. With a shorter running time, Werewolf By Night makes for the perfect movie to kickstart Halloween in the right spirit.


The Chalk Line (2022, IMDb M: 6.0 F: 6.5) 

With the horrors of The Orphanage (2007) still lingering within us, we know that the Spanish  can make scary movies to haunt us for a long time. This new release from Spain follows a couple who temporarily adopts a young girl they found wandering around alone on a nearby road. The little girl's obsession with a mysterious fantasy soon brings the parents down a dark path. Almost closer to a suspenseful thriller with elements of horror, The Chalk Line is definitely worth watching if you don’t mind subtitles. Or speak Spanish. іVamos!


The Innocents (2022, IMDb M: 7.0 F: 7.0) 

Innocent children always contribute a scary touch to any horror flick, and in this movie, the children are the stars of the story. During a bright Nordic summer, a group of children reveal their dark and mysterious secrets when their parents aren’t looking. Dark, immersive and with impressive performances from the young actors, The Innocents will keep you on your toes until the horrors of Halloween are over. This movie is a great choice to watch right now.

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The Nightingale (2018, IMDb M: 7.3 F: 7.4)

Horror movies don't necessarily need to be about bloodthirsty vampires or mysterious children playing with someone who isn’t there. Going back a few years, we find this movie which is as distributing and captivating as any classic horror film. Set in 1825, a young Irish woman chases a British officer through the wilderness looking for revenge for a terrible act of violence he committed against her family. Incredibly dark, violent and heartbreaking, The Nightingale is not one for the faint-hearted but still a must-watch during Halloween.

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The Ritual (2017, IMDb M: 6.3 F: 6.2) 

If you are looking for a tense and exhilarating scary story for Halloween, The Ritual will definitely do the trick. The movie follows a group of old friends who reunite for a trip to a forest in Sweden. As if an old, cranky forest isn’t scary enough, there is something spooky lurking between the trees watching the groups every step. Northern mythology seems to be a winning concept for a scary movie, which makes The Ritual a great watch for Halloween. 


Train To Busan (2016, IMDb M: 7.5 F: 7.8) 

Serving as a fan favorite for action-packed horror movies, Train To Busan is an unforgettable experience. While stuck on a train from Seoul to Busan, a zombie virus breaks out in South Korea forcing the struggling passengers to fight for survival. Dubbed as one of the best zombie films ever made, and a fresh addition to the genre, you really can't go wrong with this movie. In other words, another great movie to watch during Halloween.

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Hush (2016, IMDb M: 6.5 F: 6.7) 

If there is one situation where you wouldn’t want to be alone, it's in a big house in the middle of nowhere with a masked stranger trying to get in. That is exactly the plot of this movie. When a deaf and mute writer retreats into the woods to focus on her writing, she has to fight for her life when the masked killer appears outside her window. Get ready to hold your breath with this silent chiller during Halloween. A perfect scary movie to watch!


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