From the infamous Gru and his mischievous Minions, Buzz Lightyear and his intergalactic origins, Superman and his superhero pet dog name Krypto, as well as many more exciting characters and stories, here is a list of newly released family friendly movies.

Newly Released: Family Friendly Films

Do you need a hint of the latest family friendly films? The task of staying up-to-date with the never-ending launches of new TV Series, Movies, and Documentaries available for streaming can be quite daunting, especially when you have kids to look out for! Luckily, our Newly Released Family Friendly Films has you covered. The best and latest we have to offer comes in all genres, ranging from drama and comedy, fantasy and adventure, as well as live action and of course, animation. So what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax, and enjoy the perfect films for you and the family.

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Lightyear (2022; IMDb: 6.1)

The origin story of Buzz Lightyear is here! This intergalactic animated adventure follows the famous Buzz Lightyear alongside his robot companion Sox. Buzz also recruits Izzy, Mo, and Darby, who give him the extra push he needs. Their evil enemy, Zurg, who has an army of robotic forces, must be defeated in order for Buzz and his team to accomplish their mission. This story is the perfect family friendly animated film for those who love the Toy Story franchise or even the Sci-fi space genre. 

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The Sea Beast (2022; IMDb: 7.0)

Beware of where the beasts roam the seas! You just might need some sort of monster hunter to come to the rescue, like the heroic Jacob Holland. Holland unexpectedly finds a young girl named Maisie Brumble on his ship as he sets out for a voyage in the vast ocean. He is left with no choice but to protect Maisie, show her the ropes, and even depend on her when obstacles arise. The two together embark on a mission amongst uncharted waters engulfed with sea monsters and the unknown. This animated film provides the perfect amount of entertainment, thrills, and adventure.  


Minions: The Rise Of Gru (2022: IMDb: 6.5)

Who better to watch than the world's greatest supervillain, Gru? The untold origin story of 12-year-old Gru is here to gather everything the world has yearned to know about his upbringing as well as his creation of the infamous minions. Set in a suburban culture of the 1970s, Gru is not the ordinary kid; instead he wants to take over the world! Being a hardcore  fan of the supervillain group called the Vicious 6, Gru aims to join the club as his first step to becoming a world class supervillain. His evil deeds with the support of his minions to impress the apex of evil catches the attention of its leader, White Knuckles, who inadvertently becomes Gru's friend and enemy. This animated movie is impossible to miss; it's one of the most entertaining origin tales out there!

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Slumberland (2022; IMDb: 6.7)

Sometimes our lives are obscured by nightmares, but when dreams come true, we realize that anything is possible. A map to the dreamworld of Slumberland is discovered by a girl named Nemo, who’s hopes to one day reconnect with her late father are compromised due to the distraction of her nightmarish detours. She gets the help and guidance she needs from a free-spirited outlaw named Flip, and the two maneuver through dreams and nightmares to get to the destination of Slumberland so that Nemo can finally reunite with her father. The way this film thoughtfully depicts the coming of age genre, along with parenthood and the importance of retaining your inner child, makes it a wonderful selection.


The One and Only Ivan (2020; IMDb: 6.5)

Ivan, a gorilla, and Ruby, an elephant, work together to figure out Ivan's past as they plan to escape from captivity. As they work together and become close friends, they both start to unravel their true nature, identity, and sense of freedom. This is a wonderful film for viewers of all ages, as it touches on the ideals of friendship, trust, and breaking the cycle of cruelty.


Onward (2020; IMDb: 7.4)

In the many walks of life, we strive to do the best we can with what we have, and life goes on. Such a philosophy is demonstrated in this dazzling animated adventure that follows two elf brothers named Ian and Barley who set out on a quest to spend one last day with their father, leading to unimaginable detours, obstacles, and discoveries. Their mother unites with the famous manticore to find her sons whose honest ambitions have led them astray to the point where they have gone missing. This is one of Pixar's finest stories as it reflects family relationships, loss, honoring the past, and most of all, unconditional love.

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Encanto (2021; IMDb: 7.2)

It can be easy to lose sight of who we are and where we come from, until we are reminded to embrace our roots. This valuable lesson is depicted in the charming town of Encanto, hidden in the beautiful mountains of Colombia, where every child has been blessed with a hidden talent, or gift, except for a young girl named Mirabel. When Mirabel finds out that the magical realm of Encanto is in danger, she does whatever she can to save everybody’s treasured home, and in doing so she discovers her gift that she has possessed all along. This is a touching family movie that teaches the lesson of how magic happens when you stay true to yourself. 

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DC League of Super-Pets

Pets can be superheroes too! Superman's dog, Krypto the Superdog, learns that his owner has been taken and held hostage. Being a dog, or a “man’s best friend”, comes with great power, and with great power comes great responsibility especially when you have been trained by Superman himself! Krypto, with no choice but to be a good boy, recruits shelter pets Ace the Hound, PB the pot bellied pig, Merton the turtle, and Chip the squirrel to help rescue Superman and his superhero comrades. This is the perfect animated film for those who are a fan of the superhero genre, and of course, animal lovers! 

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