Brace yourself for lots of tears and laughter! Here are Seven Quirky and Indie Films To Watch For Valentine’s Day.

Quirky and Indie Romance Films For Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for something a bit sweeter or unique? Then you came to the right place. Skip the epic proportions of conventional entrees, and plunge into the delightfulness of the out-of-the-ordinary. Here you’ll find a list of quirky and cute Indie Films that will satisfy your Valentine’s Day taste buds.

Want Something Less Indy? Here Are Nine Classic Valentine's Day Movies

Juno (2007, IMDb: 7.5)

After deciding to get an abortion, High School junior Juno suddenly changes her mind amid her ultrasound, and instead commits to adopting her soon-to-be-born baby to an older, dysfunctional couple, Vanessa and Mark, whom she becomes good friends with. In the meantime, her relationship with the baby’s teenage father named Bleeker, has hit a few bumps in Juno’s 9 month road. In the end, Juno brings the experience of teenage pregnancy down to earth through humility rather than glorification, which makes this film unique, ironic, and one-of-a-kind.

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Edward ScissorHands (1990, IMDb: 7.9)

What could be quirkier than an artificial humanoid with static black hair, a pale face filled with scars, and hands made up of scissors? The combination of filmmaker Tim Burton and chameleon-like actor Johnny Depp formulates the twisted surface yet innocent innerlife of Edward Scissorhands himself in this fantasy romance film. From landscaping family’s backyards to becoming a world class hairstylist, Edward personifies the idea of being different from others. While the film explores darker themes such as isolation, it also depicts a feel-good motif of self discovery, which makes this unique story worth considering on Valentine’s Day. 

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Ladybird (2017, IMDb: 7.4)

Winning a Golden Globe for Best Picture (Musical or Comedy), Ladybird is a coming of age film about a young woman raised in a financially struggling household who relentlessly pursues her creative ambitions of attending a prestigious university with an environment that is not only far from home but also offers an artistic culture. Her soon-to-be fulfilled ambitions would distance her from a rocky relationship with her mother, Marion, who deems her as ungrateful. With her goals set in mind, Ladybird finds herself falling for a closeted young man named Danny, expressing herself in theater alongside her best friend Julie, and working at a local coffee shop. The ends justify the means, where although she is accepted to her ideal college, she appreciates her father’s effort of providing for her regardless of his career downfalls and makes amends with her mother. This is a wonderful, feel-good Valentine’s Day Film for those who want to experience the importance of gratefulness and self fulfillment. 

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Licorice Pizza (2021, IMDb: 7.2)

The title says it all… licorice and pizza? The contrast parallels Paul Thomas Andersson’s juxtaposed selection of soundtracks for character driven scenes in colorful backdrops. The filmmaker’s Licorice Pizza follows the dreamy spontaneousness love shared between two young adults, Alana Gary, as they aimlessly wander around the 1970’s landscape of Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley. The unraveling of their love and connection is never oversaturated by the usual, conventional plot for a single second, which makes this more of a niche romance film for Valentine’s Day. 

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8th Grade: (2018 IMDb: 7.4)

What can be crueler than love? Middle school. 8th Grade is a throwback film about a thirteen year old named Kayla who endures the awkward obstacles and hardships of growing up. The gray area between middle school and highschool is smeared with Kayla’s anxiety-driven thoughts about not being good enough or even prepared for highschool approaching right around the corner. The film encapsulates the initial years that we have all faced from beginning a new chapter that has plotlines completely out of our control, like falling in love, which is what makes 8th Grade a really nostalgically bittersweet experience. 

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Groundhog Day (1993 IMDb: 8.1)

The title says it all. Should I repeat myself? Perhaps one of the cleverest cinematic plotlines ever put on the big screen, Ground Hog Day basically repeats itself over and over again, from the moment a dissatisfied weatherman named Phil wakes up, continues his daily routine, and falls asleep. The repeated cycle begins to drive Phil crazy as he gets fed up with the never ending, mundane, predictable patterns he has created in his life, until he starts to make changes which begin with the act of kindness. Ultimately, as Phil starts to treat his surroundings with love and appreciation, he starts to find joy in his life, falls in love, and finally sees his life change right in front of his eyes. This is a fantastic selection for those looking for a Valentine’s Day feel-good film.    

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I Love You, Man (2009, IMDb: 7.0)

Sometimes we all need a good friend to salvage a relationship. Peter Klaven lives a rather unexciting life outside of his relationship with his fiance Zooey, who urges him to put himself on the “best man” market before their wedding. Peter finds himself becoming good friends with a wild, fun guy named Sydney, who at first does not win the approval of Zooey; His overtly free-spirited personality begins to have more negative effects than positive effects on her relationship with Peter. After a few fights and a grave misunderstanding, the bromance comes to an end, until Sydney goes for a hail-mary which ultimately wins over Zooey’s approval of Sydney earning the title of Peter’s Bff. There’s nothing more hilarious and heartfelt than Peter’s line “I Love You, Man” in this perfect Valentine’s Day film. 

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