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Release Radar - The Best New Movies And TV Series

As we approach Spring and Summer, the overload of work and school can be at times quite overbearing before setting off to vacation! In the mean time, why not give yourself a little time to decompress and watch one of these fantastic new releases? Our Release Radar offers a perfect mix of exciting new TV Series, Movies and Documentaries that will give you that extra bit of inspiration to push through the last months of winter. From an honourable judge turned criminal, an in-over-his-head American football coach turned European football manager, a high school girl's football team stranded in a haunting forrest, a romantically obsessed individual, an amusingly absurd clash of a long last friendship, a brief history of the game Tetris, and the return of Baby Yoda, we have it all!

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Air (IMDb: 7.5; 2023)

Directed and starring Ben Affleck, along with Matt Damon and Jason Bateman, this movie delves into the captivating history of Sonny Vaccaro (Damon), a shoe salesman who played a pivotal role in Nike's quest for basketball greatness with Michael Jordan. This inspiring story chronicles the game-changing partnership between a rookie Michael Jordan and Nike's burgeoning basketball division, revolutionizing the sports world and contemporary culture through the iconic Air Jordan brand. 

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Tina (IMDb: 7.9; 2021)

TINA offers an intimate and captivating portrayal of music icon Tina Turner's life and career, featuring a treasure trove of exclusive materials like unseen footage, personal photos, audio tapes, and revealing interviews, including with Tina herself. The documentary explores how Tina's story, marked by trauma and resilience, led to her transformation into the legendary queen of rock 'n' roll. Despite her monumental success, Tina grappled with the lingering effects of her past, presenting a complex journey behind the scenes. Helmed by directors Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin, the film takes audiences through Turner's rise to fame, her personal and professional struggles, and her triumphant return to the global stage in the 1980s.

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From (IMDb; 7.7; 2022)

Set in a small, enigmatic town, the show unravels a captivating narrative that intertwines the lives of its diverse characters. As secrets, supernatural events, and personal struggles collide, viewers are immersed in a world filled with mystery and intrigue. With its skilled storytelling, compelling plot twists, and an ensemble cast that delivers captivating performances, "From" keeps viewers hooked, eager to uncover the truth behind the town's enigma.

Watch “From” on CMore

Living (IMDb: 7.2; 2022)

Set in 1950s London, "Living" portrays the journey of a rigid bureaucrat who, upon receiving a devastating diagnosis, makes a bold decision to break free from the monotony of his work and embrace life. Through the eyes of this ordinary individual, whose existence has been reduced to a mere shadow by years of oppressive office routine, the film explores his last-minute quest to transform his dull and unremarkable life into something extraordinary. "Living" offers a poignant tale of resilience and the pursuit of happiness, as the protagonist musters the courage to infuse his remaining days with the joy and wonder he had long been denied.

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The Armstrong Lie (IMDb: 7.3 ; 2013)

In this thought provoking documentary, acclaimed filmmaker Alex Gibney delves into the remarkable ascent and subsequent downfall of sports icon Lance Armstrong. With a focus on Armstrong's improbable rise in the world of cycling, the film traces his journey, including his determined comeback and the shocking revelation of his involvement in doping. As the narrative unfolds, viewers witness Armstrong's admission of guilt and the subsequent loss of his esteemed reputation. Through Gibney's expert storytelling, this documentary offers a comprehensive exploration of Armstrong's tumultuous journey, providing a thought-provoking examination of the price of fame and the complexities of human nature.

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Wrath of Man (IMDb: 7.1; 2021)

In this intriguing film, set in Los Angeles, a character with an enigmatic presence finds employment at a cash truck company responsible for handling large sums of money. The arrival of a new security guard, portrayed by Jason Statham, brings an element of mystery as his wild-eyed demeanor and unexpected display of precision skills during a heist leave his coworkers bewildered. As the crew grapples with questions about his identity and origins, the true motive of this marksman gradually unfolds, leading him to take decisive and irreversible actions to seek vengeance and settle a score.

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The Son (IMDb: 6.3; 2022)

"The Son" is a cautionary tale of a fractured family's struggle to reconnect, led by Hugh Jackman, Vanessa Kirby, and Laura Dern, as Peter's life is disrupted when his ex-wife brings their troubled teenage son, Nicholas, back into the picture. As Nicholas faces challenges and Peter strives to provide the support he missed from his own father (Anthony Hopkins), he must navigate the complexities of juggling responsibilities, including a new child with Beth and career prospects, while finding a balance between addressing the past and forging a meaningful connection with Nicholas in the present.

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Silo (IMDb: Not Yet Rated; 2023)

Nestled far beneath a world ravaged by toxicity, there exists a close-knit community living within a colossal underground silo that extends hundreds of levels deep. These individuals firmly believe that strict guidelines are essential to protect them from the perils that lurk above. "Silo" is an impeccably crafted work of science fiction, immersing its audience into an authentic and gritty civilization. Every component of this fascinating new world is captivating, from the awe-inspiring production design to the superb writing and acting. The characters' journeys through their intricate and hazardous realm held me spellbound, unable to tear my eyes from the screen.

Watch "Silo"  on Apple TV+

The Diplomat (IMDb: 8.2; 2023)

Kate Wyler, a career diplomat, finds herself in a challenging situation during an international crisis, as she is appointed to a high-profile role for which she is not prepared. Her appointment has significant consequences for her marriage to a political star and her political future. Despite the challenges, the TV series successfully turns geopolitical crises into highly bingeable entertainment, and it has already been renewed for a second season.

Watch "The Diplomat" on Netflix

A Small Light (IMDb: 7.9)

Embark on a journey through the incredible life of Miep Gies, a brave Dutch woman who put her own life on the line to shelter Anne Frank and her family from the clutches of the Nazis during the Second World War. Her exceptional story of courage serves as a powerful reminder of the profound impact that ordinary individuals can have in the face of overwhelming adversity. With her unyielding spirit and unwavering determination, Miep emerged as a beacon of hope in one of history's darkest periods, shining a light on the triumph of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable horror. Her stirring account of heroism is a poignant tribute to the enduring power of resilience, hope, and love in the face of unspeakable cruelty.

Watch "A Small Light" on Disney+

White House Plumbers (IMDb: 6.9; 2023)

"White House Plumbers" is a satirical drama that follows the true story of how E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy, Nixon's political saboteurs, accidentally brought down the very presidency they were trying to protect during the Watergate scandal. The series begins in 1971, with the White House hiring Hunt and Liddy, who were formerly of the CIA and FBI, respectively, to investigate the Pentagon Papers leak. Despite failing upwards, they land on the committee to reelect the president and devise several covert ops, including bugging the Democratic National Committee offices at the Watergate complex. This mini-series offers incredible acting performances that bring to life a story that is stranger than fiction.

Watch "White House Plumbers" on HBO Max

Citadel (IMDb: 6.5; IMDb: 2023)

In this gripping spy thriller, two spies are tasked with a critical mission to put a stop to a mysterious syndicate. The collapse of Citadel, a prominent global spy agency, resulted in the wiping of its agents' memories, leaving a vacuum that the powerful Manticore syndicate is poised to fill. The series centers on the agents' attempt to regain their memories and muster the courage to battle Manticore. With its fast-paced action and intriguing plot, this series is a must-watch.

Watch "Citadel" on  Prime Video

Exit Season 3 (IMDb: 8.2; 2019)

Exit Season 3 is a compelling and gritty drama series that delves into the true stories of four Norwegian men who achieved millionaire status before the age of thirty. Struggling to cope with their newfound wealth and the responsibilities that come with it, they turn to a life of drugs, prostitution, and questionable morals in an attempt to break free from societal expectations and family obligations. This dark and thought-provoking series is worth watching for its rawly dark portrayal of the pressures that come with financial success and the lengths that some individuals will go to maintain it.

Exit Season 3 is  Available on SVT or JustWatch

Yellow Jackets Season 2 (2023; IMDb: 7.9)

This thriller follows a talented high-school girls soccer team whose plane has crashed in the wilderness of Ontario. The series juxtaposes a structured, excelling lifestyle amongst a group of closely-bonded young athletes as one family that has broken up into opposing and even cannibalistic tribes that makes the idea of self preservation and memory of former livelihood impossible to reach. Planned for five seasons, Season 2 brings in more questions about the possibility of an existing supernatural force playing a bigger role than meets the eye, the location of where the plane crash took place, and a deeper look into the cult created by the Antler Queen. What makes this tv series so hauntingly unique is the way it combines psychological horror from traumas of the past, coming of age nostalgia, and survival epic tropes, as essential elements to leave a profoundly chilling effect on the viewer.

"Yellow Jackets" is available on SkyShowtime

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