In this article, we take a look at 10 of the best disaster movies available on streaming right now. From classics to modern takes on the genre, here you’ll find what to watch when in the mood for though-provoking catastrophes.

The Best Disaster Movies On Streaming Right Now

For some reason, it seems like disaster movies are unexpectedly hard to find. It often takes a few good searches on Google to find one to watch, only to discover it's not available on any streaming platform. Well, that’s in the past. In this article, we have listed both classics and modern takes on the disaster genre AND where to watch them. Take a look at the best disaster movies on streaming right now and find one you haven’t watched already. Buckle up! 

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Mad Max: Fury Road (2015, IMDb: 8.1) 

Starting off this list is this crazy and action-packed disaster movie set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Tom Hardy stars as Max, a lone drifter and rather quiet widower, who is imprisoned by an intimidating and tyrannical ruler called Immortan Joe. In this dusty world, water is worth more than gold and in order to survive all must fight for the necessities of life. There is no order. Total chaos. A group of rebel female prisoners may have what it takes to restore some structure and order, if someone overruns Immortan Joe. Mad Max is an enchanting and thrilling ride. In short, one of the best additions to the disaster genre.


Children Of Men (2007, IMDb: 7.9) 

Set only four years from today, in 2027, Children Of Men depicts a chaotic world where women, for an unexplainable reason, have become infertile. 18 years into this mystery have put the fate of the human species at risk of total extinction. Theo Faron, a former activist, is approached by his ex-wife and leader of a terrorist group to escort a young immigrant woman from London to the coast. Soon, their journey across the country becomes a mission not only for their own survival, but the survival of the human species. This critically acclaimed disaster movie is definitely among the best ever made. If you haven’t seen it already, this is your chance! 


The Road (2009, IMDb: 7.2) 

Viggo Mortensen is an astonishing actor who has gotten the recognition he deserves in the last couple of years. In The Road, he plays a father ready to defend his son at any cost as they travel across a post-apocalyptic world where food and shelter becomes harder to find by the day. This is an intense and gloomy disaster movie about the relationship between a father and his son, and the harrowing reality they find themselves in. Some would say this is a miserable journey displayed beautifully, and they would be correct. To summarize, a worthy candidate to watch if you are looking for a great disaster movie.


I Am Legend (2007, IMDb: 7.2) 

This is probably one of the best apocalyptic movies ever made. And a favorite among many. Robert Neville dedicates his life to find the cure against a seemingly unstoppable virus that turns humans into vicious zombies. While living all alone in New York, the epicenter of the pandemic, he has studied and learned the ways of ‘the infected.’ But one minor mistake and his life is at serious risk. I Am Legend is one of those movies that grabs your attention from the very first second until the last. It’s intense, scary and (post-covid times) strangely familiar. One of the best disaster movies to watch right now.


Zombieland (2009, IMDb: 7.6) 

The apocalypse doesn’t have to be all sad and intense, at least not in Zombieland. This comedy has risen to cult-classic levels of apocalypse and disaster movies for good reason. The story follows a loner and misfit student who crosses paths with a gun-toting Zombie killer. Together they ride across America in search of one thing: the last Twinkie. Zombieland is filled with laughs and bloody but goofy moments, sort of like a slapstick comedy. This disaster movie is worth watching time and time again.


Don’t Look Up (2021, IMDb: 7.2) 

Don’t Look Up was one of the most anticipated movies of 2021, not only because of Leonardo DiCaprio, but also because of its interesting take and satiric approach to the disaster genre. When two low-level astronomers discover a planet-killer comet is headed towards earth, they try to get the attention of both the President and the media to help save earth from total destruction. But no one listens. In fact, no one takes it as seriously as they should. This movie throws shade towards the leaders of the world and how the media operates, in a frustrating and painful way. In short, a great disaster movie to watch.


Independence Day (1996, IMDb: 7.0) 

What if aliens visited Earth? Do you think they would be friendly? Think again. In this classic doomsday movie, aliens are here to invade and destroy Earth. With far more superior weapons and technology, it seems like mankind’s days are coming to an end. Only our will to survive can save us from the extraterrestrials. This is one of the greats when it comes to disaster movies, and definitely one of the best to watch right now.


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The Day After Tomorrow (2004, IMDb: 6.4)

Another catastrophe movie that hits closer to home than it should, is The Day After Tomorrow. Scientists around the world are starting to notice unusual shifts in the climate, with unexplainable water and weather activity dropping temperatures below sustainable levels. A new Ice Age is on the rise. We follow Jack Hall, a scientist who must convince Washington to act before it's too late and at the same time make sure his son in New York survives the horrors that’s about to come. This movie reminds us of the effects that can potentially become reality if the climate collapses. A true disaster movie.


Deep Impact (1998, IMDb: 6.2) 

Similar to Don’t Look Up, this movie centers around the inevitable doomsday following a comet heading towards earth. When a US-Russian team is sent to destroy the comet, but ultimately fail, humankind must prepare for a deep impact that is set to destroy everything we once took for granted. This is a summer blockbuster movie that still holds up as one of the best disaster movies around. If you haven’t seen Deep Impact already, you’re in for a treat. A bittersweet treat.

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2012 (2009, IMDb: 5.8) 

Remember back in the days when a big chunk of the internet was convinced that the world as we knew it would end in 2012? The great disasters of the “galactic alignment” in 2012 never happened, but this movie served as a “this is what the Mayan prophecy said would happen” kinda deal. It’s entertaining, intense and thrilling. With over-the-top visuals effects, there is no need to expect more than a chill disaster movie. At times, it is quite comedic actually. Here’s an idea: watch this with your kids and say you survived…

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