The Last Of Us is one of the most anticipated series set to be released this year. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about this new HBO original series.

The Last Of Us HBO Series - Everything You Need To Know

From the Emmy award-winning creator of Chernobyl and the creator of the acclaimed video game “The Last Of Us” comes this all-new HBO series premiering on the 15 of January. It’s already one of the most anticipated TV shows of 2023, but as we know, movies or TV shows adapting a story from a beloved video game tend to disappoint. Although The Last Of Us looks to be an exciting adaptation, hardcore fans of the video game will be on their toes ready to criticize and compare the show to the game. In this article, we take a look at the latest trailer, the plot and what the fans have to say - here is everything you need to know about HBO’s The Last Of Us TV series. 

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The Plot And Cast 

For those unfamiliar with the video game, the story revolves around a smuggler called Joel and a teenage girl called Ellie, a pair that forms an unusual friendship under unusual circumstances. 20 years after the outbreak of a deadly fungus called Cordyceps, the virus has mutated and is transmittable to humans. Joel is tasked with escorting Ellie from a dangerous quarantine zone across a post-apocalyptic United States. Their journey will be brutal and challenging, and force them to depend on each other for survival. 

Joel and Ellie in The Last Of Us
Joel and Ellie in the video game.

The pair is played by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, both critically acclaimed for their previous work. And it’s not the first time we see Pascal and Ramsey star in a major HBO production. Both featured in Game Of Thrones, although they never shared any screen time. Pascal is probably most known for his role as ‘Mando’ in The Mandalorian, a TV series which was highly praised by both fans and critics and put Pascal on the big stage. In fact, following his success in The Mandalorian, he attracted several offers for other productions but ultimately chose to play Joel in The Last Of Us. In other words, we expect great performances from both Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in The Last Of Us
Pedro Pascal as ‘Joel’ and Bella Ramsey as ‘Ellie’ in the TV show.

The Video Game Curse 

As we mentioned in the introduction, video game adaptations often fall short. The Last Of Us co-creator Neil Druckmann has said in a The New Yorker interview that this HBO show will break that curse. He also said “[The Last Of Us] will be the best, most authentic game adaptation yet [and] hopefully put the video game curse to bed.” And HBO are sparing no expense creating this highly anticipated show.   

A reported $10-15 million budget for each episode puts The Last Of Us on the list of the most expensive TV shows ever made - with the likes of Game Of Thrones. The whole series is said to have a budget in the hundreds of millions, so naturally, the expectations are through the roof.

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The Fans Reaction

To break the video game curse, the show runners and HBO must meet the expectations of eager fans waiting to see their favorite video game made into a television show. The bar is set fairly high. After roaming the internet, there seems to be a unanimous feeling amongst fans that the premiere on the 15th of January can’t come soon enough. For the most part, fans are excited. But there is also an eerie feeling of skepticism towards HBO’s The Last Of Us. After all, hardcore fans are very protective of their beloved game.

Twitter post about The Last Of Us
All aboard!!!

Twitter post about The Last Of Us
Will this fan get his only wish for 2023?

Twitter post about The Last Of Us
HBO’s House Of The Dragon was one of the biggest shows of 2022 indeed.

In The Meantime 

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