Looking for the most underrated movies of all time? Here you’ll find 8 great but overlooked movies to watch available right now on streaming.

The Most Underrated Movies Of All Time

Welcome to the first of many articles where we take a look at a few of the most underrated movies of all time. There are a bunch of hidden gems out there that you probably haven’t seen yet, but we have taken it upon ourselves to gather them all in one place. Right here. In this first batch of underrated movies, you’ll find thrilling stories, action-packed futures and wholesome old ladies. What more could you possibly ask for? All of them are absolutely fantastic and movies you must watch. Here’s to finding new things to watch! 

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Mommy (2014, IMDb: 8.0)  

For its impressive rating on IMDb, it baffles us that not that many have seen this incredible drama yet. Anne Dorval’s phenomenal portrayal of a widowed single mother raising her violent son alone offers a story caught up in a whirlwind of emotion. When a mysterious neighbor enters their life, she finds new hope for a better future. ‘Mommy’ is not about something extraordinary, rather the complete opposite - the reality of ordinary people. If you enjoy deep and heartfelt stories, this hidden gem will take your breath away. 


Boy A (2007, IMDb: 7.6)  

You shouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t watched or even heard about this underrated movie yet. Even though ‘Boy A’ stars one of the biggest names in Hollywood, it seems like this film has flown under the radar ever since its release. The story follows Andrew Garfield as Jack, a newly released man sentenced to prison for a violent crime as a child. He is given a new identity and a supervisor who becomes a sort of father figure to him. But his traumatic past proves hard to shake off, and soon the weight on his shoulders becomes too much to bear. A truly underrated movie for those who enjoy dark and gritty dramas.   


God’s Own Country (2017, IMDb: 7.6)

Imagine ‘Brokeback Mountain’ set in the rugged but beautiful Yorkshire and you’ve got this absolutely beautiful but forgotten coming-of-age movie. We might go as far as to say this is one of the best British movies of the century. The story follows a young farmer who spends his days drinking and playing around, but when a migrant worker shows up for the season, their intense relationship sets him on a path to discover his true self. Forget everything we said about ‘Brokeback Mountain’, this is a completely different romance story you need to watch. 


Locke (2013, IMDb: 7.1)  

There is no turning back when telling your wife, son and boss a life-changing secret. Obviously. In this overlooked drama, Tom Hardy plays a dedicated father and successful construction manager whose life is threatened when a mysterious phone call forces him to face the life he once knew. If there was any doubt that Tom Hardy is one of the best actors around, his performance in this forgotten gem will prove his talent.  


Private Life (2018, IMDb: 7.2) 

Kathryn Hahn and Paul Giamatti are two well-established actors, and their chemistry on-screen in ‘Private Life’ is superb. This dramedy (that’s comedy and drama), follows a married couple undergoing multiple fertility therapies to get pregnant. But you know how the story goes, it is easier said than done. Although labeled as a comedy, ‘Private Life’ is a real eye-opener and honest story that many can relate to. Don’t let this underrated movie slip between your fingers again, go watch it!


The Lady In The Van (2015, IMDb: 6.7)  

Who doesn’t love the beautiful and talented Maggie Smith? The two-time Oscar winner is perhaps most known for her role as Professor Minerva McGongall in Harry Potter, but we know her as the lady in the van. This story is based on the true events of Miss Shepherd, a homeless woman living in her van who forms an unexpected bond with Alex Bennett, the man who allows her to temporarily park her van in his driveway. This underrated feel-good movie is both entertaining and touching. And of course, Maggie Smith gives an incredible performance worth watching over and over again. 


Dredd (2012, IMDb: 7.1)   

This sci-fi action flick might not be underrated per se, but one you might not have heard about. The story plays out in the future where violence and gangs rule the streets. It is up to the police to act against the savage gangs by all means necessary. In short, ‘Dredd’ is a criminally underappreciated action movie with a ton of badass moments and gory violence. It is bloody and unforgiving, just as an action-packed sci-fi should be. 

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Mass (2021, IMDb: 7.6) 

Any aspiring actors or filmmakers have to watch this hauntingly powerful but overlooked drama. The breathtaking conversation between the parents of both the shooter and the victim of a school shooting tragedy will linger long after the movie is over. It is that compelling. And we haven’t even talked about the actors' performances yet. This painful story is heightened by the incredible performances, which makes this underrated movie a must watch. 


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