We take a closer look at the trailer and story behind Netflix's upcoming mini series about Daniel Ek and how he created Spotify.

The Rise Of Spotify - The Playlist

Netflix's new limited drama series tells the story of how a local story grew to change the way we listen to music forever. Announced in October of 2019, it has taken some time to produce and set a release date for the 6-episode mini series. The Playlist finally premieres on the 13th of October.

Based on the book “Spotify Untold” by Sven Carlsson and Jonas Lejonhufuvds, the series will tell the story of how young Swedish entrepreneur, Daniel Ek, and his business partner Martin Lorentzon launched Spotify, a music platform with free and legal music, and how it came to revolutionize an entire industry.

The Playlist shines light on how hard convictions, unrelenting will, access and big dreams can help small players challenge the status quo by evolving the way we listen to music. 

If you enjoy business stories, startups or are interested in global success stories, then The Playlist is one worth waiting for. As it is still some time before the show premieres, we will make sure to remind you when the time comes. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates and more fun content! 

Watch the trailer here:


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