Apple TV+ is taking a gamble on this upcoming romantic action adventure comedy that may or may not leave them ghosted by viewers. From the brains behind Deadpool and the producer of Topgun: Maverick, expectations are high considering the top tier talent of Ana de Armas and Chris Evans.

To Be or Not to Be Ghosted

Releasing on April 21, 2023, the movie follows Cole (Chris Evans) who falls head over heels for Sadie (Ana de Armas), but soon after their first date, Cole is left ghosted, and it isn’t until his life is put into danger that he realizes Sadie is a secret agent who works for the CIA. As their paths cross once again, the two entangle as partners in crime as they travel around the world, and they will do whatever is necessary to prevent global annihilation. 

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Ghosts of Our Past

From what we can gather from the trailer, it is hopeful that there is a depiction of a progressive power dynamic in gender roles. Ana De Armas, the strong and self assured leading woman, will most likely carry the film that is both intelligent and intimidatingly sexy, similar to the characterization of James Bond. Not only a badass CIA agent whose particular set of skills are relied upon on classified government agency missions, she’s clearly going to be saving the “boyfriend’s” behind probably more than once.

Amy de Armas and Chris Evans in Ghosted (2023).
Amy de Armas and Chris Evans in Ghosted (2023).

What used to be the oppressive trope of the femme fatale, where the female protagonist’s beauty and charm was narrowly used as a vessel only to fool the naïveté of the male protagonist, leading the woman to her own demise or to her own redemption of self “purity” is without a doubt, out of question for Ghosted, hopefully. Take the beauty and pure facade of Marilyn Monroe, who Amy de Armas portrayed in Netflix’s Blonde (2022), as an example, who’s roles were more often than not an embodiment of the femme fatale. Cinema is an era where such a trope is both fleeting and unappealing.

Amy De Armas as Marilyn Monroe in Netflix’s Blonde (2022).
Amy De Armas as Marilyn Monroe in Netflix’s Blonde (2022).

Leaving Behind the Crumbs

On the contrary, we can expect a further progressive push on the female hero (or anti hero) trope in which Sadie, played by Amy de Armas, mirrors the female protagonist who commands the lead, and by example, is influenced by no other sex than her own. We can hope for a dynamic in which there is left no crumbs of the vulgar sexist systems that used to be so easily and lazily emoted in earlier films that beheld the genres of romance, action, and comedy. Perhaps, what could make this film permitted to leave behind any crumbs that offer insightful social commentary on the progressive depiction of gender roles would be through irony–or comedy– such as subtle notes that undermines any former entrenched social conventions or norms.

	Amy de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in Netflix’s Blonde (2022).
Amy de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in Netflix’s Blonde (2022). 

We notice in the trailer a terrified and rather innocent facade of Cole, where he fails to threaten an enemy as he firmly lifts his fists and states “I’m the boyfriend.” In this case, it's the girlfriend who is clearly the one to be afraid of when she lifts her fists. Furthermore, the trailer shows Cole more so as a sidekick of Sadie, but when push comes to shove, we can speculate that Sadie most likely doesn’t need Cole; In fact Cole is probably the most helpful at preventing her from saving the world as if he is actually a “a foreign asset trying to compromise” her mission, which one could see as a metaphor that the female lead really doesn’t need the male lead anymore.

Chris Evans and Amy de Armas in Ghosted (2023)
Chris Evans and Amy de Armas in Ghosted (2023).

The Hope for Progress

Progress, humility, and ofcourse, comedy. This is where the responsibility of the writer and “mind of Deadpool'' Rhett Reese comes into play. It’s not only the test of social convention progression depicted on screen that viewers will have in mind, but there also still remains genuine storytelling and entertainment which can be yet another challenging obstacle for the romcom and action adventure genre. This will be tested through how the relationship, plot, and chemistry unravels specifically between Sadie (Amy de Armas) and Cole (Chris Evans). 

A twitter post showing scenes of Amy de Armas and Chris Evans from the trailer of Ghosted (2023).
A twitter post showing scenes of Amy de Armas and Chris Evans from the trailer of Ghosted (2023). 

Clearly, the trailer shows there is a high level of stunts which required rehearsal and training, as well as intense gun and car chase scenes, but that is to be expected. Surely, with the Top Gun: Maverick producer credit flexing on this production, we can also expect some seriously incredible aerial shots and stunning visual effects. Ultimately, let’s hope the social norms, the cliche tropes, and the predictable plot lines–the ghosts of our past–will remain ghosted when this film is released.

Ghosted (2023) will be available to stream on April 21 on

Apple TV+

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