In this article, we take a look at the best TV series from 2022 you might have missed. Here you’ll find a handful of great hidden gems from this year.

TV Series You Might Have Missed During 2022

The past year saw many brilliant TV series being released. In fact, so many exciting new shows came our way it was kinda hard keeping up with watching them all. A few slipped through our fingers, but don’t worry. We have collected the best TV series you might have missed during 2022 in this article. Here you’ll find a handful of great hidden gems to watch right now. Let’s end the year on a high and binge-watch one of these TV series! 

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Our Blues (2022, IMDb: 8.6) 

Starting off the list is this Korean hidden gem. As we know from experience, South Koreans have an eye for making great TV shows (remember Squid Game?). In this insightful and heartfelt drama, we follow a group of different people living and working on Jeju Island. We see them navigating through bitter-sweet love and the ups and downs of life. Fans of this show have praised it through the roof, which is one of many reasons for you to watch this gem. Highly recommend!


This Is Going To Hurt (2022, IMDb: 8.4) 

If you are looking to go on an emotional rollercoaster, you should jump aboard the This Is Going To Hurt train. The plot is set on Labor Ward where we follow the life of a junior doctor and how the job affects him. Starring Ben Whishaw, this show is hilarious and sad at the same time. One minute you’ll be laughing your hat off, the next you’ll be balling your eyes out. This TV series is undoubtedly one of the best missed shows of 2022.


Tokyo Vice (2022, IMDb: 8.0)

Fans of true crime and slow burners will definitely enjoy this thrilling drama. Ansel Elgort plays a western journalist who starts working for a publication in Tokyo. Together with an older detective, they take on one of the city’s most powerful crime bosses. Nostalgic, engaging and gritty, this missed gem from 2022 will have you hooked from the first second to the last. A majestic story on Japanese crime and culture.


SAS: Rogue Heroes (2022, IMDb: 8.2)

Starring a few of the best underrated British actors around, this TV show offers quality action and drama during WW2. Being one of the most expensive TV shows made for UK television, you can expect great production value and a story to match it. The show tells the story of how the famed Special Forces unit was created by rogue heroes in the Special Air Service. Based on a true story, this TV show is brilliant. In other words, a true missed gem from 2022.


Somebody Somewhere (2022, IMDb: 7.9) 

Somebody Somewhere is one of our favorite hidden gems from 2022. Bridget Everett gives a fantastic performance as Sam, a middle-aged woman who struggles to find her place in her hometown. Dealing with loss and acceptance, she discovers herself as part of a community who don’t fit in but won’t give up. You will find yourself quickly falling in love with this show for many reasons. Combining dark comedy and drama, this is a perfect representation of life with many relatable characters.


Under The Banner Of Heaven (2022, IMDb: 7.5) 

Crime-thriller-mystery-fans, this one's for you. Andrew Garfield plays a detective investigating a murder beyond belief who discovers a worrying connection between the brutal murder and an esteemed Utah family. The family’s distrust in the government and Mormon ties sets up a mystery for Garfield to unravel. This is not only one of the most underrated shows of 2022, but also one of the most overlooked performances by a lead actor of the year. Garfield truly shines in this TV show. Definitely worth binge-watching!


Pam & Tommy (2022, IMDb: 7.3)

If you are looking for outrageous and captivating entertainment, Pam & Tommy is the TV show to watch. The show gives us a look into the wild life of actress Pamela Anderson and musician Tommy Lee. Their whirlwind romance started with them marrying after only knowing each other for 96 hours in 1995, and the rest is history as they say. To summarize, the greatest love story ever sold.


Prisma (2022, IMDb: 7.7)

We started this list with a Korean gem, and we’ll end it on the other side of the world with this Italian drama. Prisma is a unique and truly amazing hidden gem from 2022. The story explores the relationships and identities of two twins with different approaches to life who both search for their place in the world. Based on the topic of gender identity, this show is insightful and inspirational. And beautiful. In short, a fantastic TV show from 2022 you might have missed.

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