Valentine’s Day is approaching fast. Find a great movie to watch on Netflix right here and start planning the perfect movie date night with your partner.

Valentine’s Day Movies To Watch On Netflix

We know many of you struggle with finding the perfect movie to watch on date night. Instead of watching, you start scrolling on streaming platforms and eventually your partner falls asleep before you find something to watch. Even worse, they fall asleep during the movie that you worked so hard to find. Those days are over. In this article, you’ll find a few great movies to watch for Valentine’s Day. After all, this is what we do. We find the movies, you do the watching. Say goodbye to endlessly scrolling on streaming platforms and take control of your streaming with us. Love is in the air…let’s go! 

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The Swimmers (2022, IMDb: 7.4) 

Starting off the list is this hidden gem from last year. Not many have watched or even heard about The Swimmers, which makes it the perfect movie to surprise your partner with on Valentine’s Day. The story follows two refugee sisters who embark on an seemingly impossible journey from a war-torn Syria to competing at the Rio Olympics. Based on a true story, The Swimmers is both a powerful and inspirational movie packing an emotional punch. In other words, a great movie to watch on Valentine’s Day. 


The Good Nurse (2022, IMDb: 6.8) 

For all you true-crime junkies out there, The Good Nurse is based on the harrowing true story of an infamous caregiver who becomes the prime suspect when several patients mysteriously die while in the ICU. Starring Academy Award winners Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain, you can expect top-tier acting as well as an intriguing and slightly intimidating story. Long story short, if you love true-crime as much as you love your partner, The Good Nurse is the one to watch come Valentine's Day. 


The Guilty (2021, IMDb: 6.3) 

While on the subject of crime and intimating stories, The Guilty will prove to be another intense and drama-filled thriller worth watching. The story follows Jake Gyllenhaal as Joe, a demoted police officer working as a call dispatch. When he receives a worrying call from a mysterious woman claiming to be kidnapped, he must do what he can to help her from his desk. The story is told from Joe’s perspective at the dispatch center, which forces us to listen carefully and imagine the situation the distressed caller is in. Same as Joe. Hold your partner tight, ramp up the volume and watch this gripping thriller.  


The King Of Staten Island (2020, IMDb: 7.1) 

SNL-superstar Pete Davidson co-wrote and starred in this semi-biographical comedy drama loosely based on his own life. We follow a weed-smoking dreamer called Scott whose firefighter dad has passed away. He spends his days doing next to nothing but dreams of becoming a tattoo artist. A series of events forces him to finally face reality, deal with his fathers death and take a few steps forward in his life. Although comedic, The King Of Staten Island deals with heavy subjects and how people use humor to avoid those topics. In other words, if you and your partner enjoy thought-provoking comedies, this is the one. 


Split (2017, IMDb: 7.3) 

Inspired by a real-life criminal suffering from multiple-personality disorder, Split stars James McAvoy as a man with 23 distinct personalities kidnapping three innocent girls. The man brings the girls to a cellar where they must try to escape before their kidnapper’s 24th personality is unleashed. Disturbing, thrilling and intense, Split is a hold-your-breath kind of movie with James McAvoy giving an astonishing performance. In short, an awesome thriller perfect to watch with your partner.   


Room (2015, IMDb: 8.1) 

We are not going to lie, Room is a super-intense and claustrophobic story following a mother and her son as captives in an enclosed room. For 7 years, they live on top of each other and try to make a living even though their situation is unbearable. Her son has never experienced the real world, and although she tries to tell him about it, he refuses to believe anything exists outside the four walls making up their room. We recommend you watch this movie without looking at the trailer, it will make the experience even more intense. 


Love & Other Drugs (2011, IMDb: 6.7)

Is it even Valentine’s Day without watching at least on rom com? Of course not. Even though rom coms might not be everyone’s cup of tea, Love & Other Drugs offers comedy and romance in ways that will captivate even the toughest and hardest of people. Set in 1990s Pittsburgh, the story follows a charming pharmaceutical salesman who crosses paths with a free spirit woman who won’t let anyone tie her down. Love & Other Drugs is more complex than you might think and offers a provocative take on relationships and loving each other no matter what. A great movie to watch for Valentine’s Day. 


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